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My husband is the most romantic man that has ever engaged me and kept me interested {hint: that’s partially why I married him}. Any who, after becoming parents the romance pretty much evaporated. In the beginning I was always tired or had separation anxiety when away from Z. When we finally seized the opportunity to go out together alone it became a boring routine. We went to the movies and sometimes we even had dinner first. WoooHooo! The first two times were cool, but after that I was full of compliant. It was clear that I dreaded date night. I did not want to go to the movies every time, especially not at night because I fall asleep in the movie theater at night. I know, I know it’s a bad habit as a result of the environment {dim lights and comfy seats}. Eventually it got to the point to where I would beg him please anywhere but the movies. The issue was that our schedules didn’t permit us lots of free alone time, and it usually happened spontaneously ,like that same night. So we had to do it moving {in other words leave quickly because we had relief and make the most of the time without any real planning before hand}. One day my honey was sick and tired of my complaining and asked me to put forth the effort I so desparately expected him to in planning date night. At first I was  butt hurt. How dare he come down on me like that. He was correct though, if I wanted romance and adventure in date night, then I needed to give romance and adventure to date night. I spent the rest of 2013, planning a year of dates for us. I know its ambitious, but its well worth it. We’ll see how it goes. I did all of the foot work and planning so the rest is left to the Most High. Exciting!!!!

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