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What’s your sign? What exactly is Astrology? Is it evil? Is it the same as the Zodiac? Is my sun sign the most significant? What is a natal Chart? Why is it important?
All these questions will be answered and then some.

Before the Cult I paid a lot of attention to people’s sign as an indicator of their personality. It was fun and something that came naturally after years of experience. Once I joined the cult it was deemed evil and I couldn’t quite figure out why. After all it IS science. Tonight we will explore the vast world of astrology with our special guest Kateria Knows, who has been instrumental in helping me to understand my natal chart. When I tell you that my natal chart explains so much about me to the tee, I’m serious!!!! Tune in, you will be pleasantly informed and entertained.

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So This week’s show was totally awesome. We very briefly explored the vast world of astrology and learned that each and every one of us has every single sign in our chart. My very special Guest Kateria Knows dropped Jewels on us.

We mainly focused on the famous Sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, north node and south node. Kateria described various attributes of particular signs in these positions {sun, moon, rising, north and south nodes}. The just of the broadcast is that you are divinely unique and your individuality is literally written in the stars at the date, time, and place of your birth.
Here is a quick reference guide:
Sun Sign~ The most popular of them all. This is the sign that we all rep when someone asks, ” what’s your sign?” It indicates where the sun was located at the time of your birth. Your sun sign shed’s light to your outside personality and that which you desire in a partner. 
Moon Sign~ Indicates where the moon was at the time of your birth. Corresponds to your inner self and how you deal with your emotions. It also relates to your mother and motherly figures in your life.
Rising Sign~ Also known as the Ascendant,  indicates the mask you wear in public. It can also describe your physical attributes as well as your style of dress and mannerisms. 
South Node~ Indicates your comfort zone. The things that you have mastered in your past life; that with which you are comfortable with in this life time. 
North Node~ Indicates that which you must overcome and or aspire to fulfill your life’s mission and ascend. This is completely out of your comfort  zone and is where all the magic for you is. 

Soul Work

I AM Written in the STARS

Centering thought for the week

1) Get your natal chart read

~Cafe Astrology
~Kateria Knows {Facebook name and you tube name}

**** If this scares you and you do not feel comfortable getting your chart read due to religious programming, then just learn your moon sign and rising sign.

Here is the Link; ENJOY!!!!


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