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What It Taste Like?

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You gotta taste your words before you speak because once you eat them they might not taste so good.

The night I fell in LOVE with Auntie Rosie.

Venue: Whiskey Blue {Rock Club}

Occasion: Rob’s live performance on the keys with Rock Band GO GO RIOT.

Ambience: Thick clouds of cigarette smoke outside on the back patio. About 3-4 booths encircling tables. Muffled sound of live rock music and endless chatter, laughs, and vulgar speech.

Scene: Auntie Rosie, Stacy and I sitting in one of these booths having a conversation about the power of words and speaking things into existence. It isn’t enough to think it and write it; there is POWER in speaking life into those thoughts and written words by SPEAKING them. Auntie Rosie, with a puissant tone hits us with, ” You gotta taste your words before you speak,” she gave a deliberate pause. Immediately I think about eating words and feeding off of words.  She speaks, ” You have to taste your words before you speak because they may not taste so good once you have to eat them.”  WISDOM-GEM

There aren’t too many positive wisdom dropping women of African Ancestry  that I interact with in person. She is most certainly appreciated.


Make sure you taste your words first, and ask yourself what does this taste like before they leave your lips. You may not like the way it taste when you have to eat them. As bad as you may want to say what it is you are thinking based on how something or someone makes you feel, PAUSE. Do a taste test first!!! You cannot take back words. Once you speak them you are creating, and that which you create you will have to experience in one way or another. You CREATE with your WORDS!!

taste it


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  • jimmy

    Reads….picks up gem, evaluates its validity, puts stone in bag keeps on pushin.

    Great read

    • Alicia

      Thank you for commenting. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Auntie Rosie drops nuggets every encounter. I love it. It’s how it’s supposed to be. Elders drop jewels we gather and build dynasties.

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