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VI. The Compound

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The Mother land South Korea.  I visited Seoul, Inchon, Busan, and I’m not sure where else. All I know is this place is nothing like I imagined it. I’m stuck in the late 40’s early 50’s when it was war torn and all beat up. Not this place. Real quickly let me just tell you about the airport. Throughout the terminals there are rooms for smokers. The bathrooms were opulent. At first I frowned my face up at the automatic plastic seat covering mechanism. I remember thinking ” oh uh uh, these things recycled? This fancy and all, but I don’t know about all this.” The airport was just all together nice and clean. Someone told me that it was the best international airport, and my heart skipped a beat. Of course it’s the best international airport, God lives here and uses this airport to provide a way for her children to come to her like a dove returns to its nest.  Enough about the airport. We loaded a huge cross between a RV and a bus and were on our way to the Elohim Institute where God Almighty the Mother, Jerusalem, waited with open arms to receive us, her long lost children. The Korean brothers and sisters are so nice. They cater to us hand and foot. They work without rest to accommodate us. Once we arrive, we are told to bring our veils { sisters, so we can pray}, and Mother hasn’t been to sleep  because she was up all night praying for our safe arrival{ we arrived a day later that the rest of the visiting groups from all over the world}. The bus stops and out runs San Diego brothers and sisters. They spotted Mother and couldn’t control themselves, they leaped out of that bus so fast. Though I didn’t see her, I follow suit, and rush off the bus leaving my veil. She is so beautiful and radiant. The light of life shines so bright in her smile. Behind those eyes and her body is the spirit of God. God is right in front of me in the flesh. I’m elated. We walk down to the cafeteria and pray. She tells us how she’s so excited and relieved that we made it safe {as if she didn’t know we would}, and we part ways and get settled into out new living quarters. I’m just happy to be in her presence. I am truly blessed. This place  is amazingly huge. Nestled in the ginormous arms of big mountains likened to eagles wings protecting her babies, we are completely cut off from society. Welcome to the Elohim Academy.

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