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The Hebrew Israelite- Answer to a Question

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Not sure if you read the Alicia Monet post all about me, but um er ra, I tend to give way too much back story and details instead of getting straight to the point. In an attempt to get straight to the point I will leave out certain details {unless of course you’d like them, I’ll fill you in per request. Much like this post right here}.

I said to myself, back in 2006, the next man I consider dating will be a suit wearing, money making, responsible, chocolate drop on his LEGAL grown man ish. Shortly after, I’m walking in Horton Plaza {The Beverly Center of San Diego} on my way to Sheik { my favorite shoe store at the time}, and this chocolate, suit wearing business man stops me outside of a jewelery store trying to sell me some diamonds. He gave me his card and expressed his interest and I gave him a call a few days later.

A couple nights after the phone call he picked me up from campus and we parked on the shore  near the ocean somewhere in La Jolla and talked the night away. This is when things got interesting.

Through the course of  conversation I began sharing my spiritual journey with him and how God led me to the Bible. While in the Bible I’d discovered the Sabbath being Saturday. He lit up like a light bulb.  He started asking me questions to test my knowledge of the scriptures. Next thing you know he dropped a bomb on me. He’s married. WTH! Ok so why on earth are you here on a date with me. My heart sank in my chest and I was uncomfortable. I don’t mess with married men {since a child my father made sure to express his disdain for home wreckers. He told me the worst karma I could ever receive was that of sleeping with a married man and destroying a family}. Needless to say I wanted to jump out of the car. If I wasn’t lazy {I wasn’t too far from campus, but it would’ve been a trek} and in La Jolla {where Blacks aren’t welcome} I probably would have. Of course I let him know that I was not ok with him stepping out on his wife. That’s when he asked me something to the effect of  ” did you know our forefathers had multiple wives?” Come again!! Then he began with Abraham, then Israel and Solomon. He only briefly touched on them and said that my western way of thinking is what makes me uncomfortable with the idea. I thought OMG! Is he right. Have we got it all wrong? {The idea wasn’t so far fetched. At that time I half jokingly told my friend that my utopia is a village of mothers with the a few men to procreate with raising our children together. Sounds a lot like polygamy to me. }

Come to find out the man is a bible study teacher and I’m intrigued. He starts asking me about my nationality and breaking down the modern day tribes of Israel. Now I’m eyes wide open intently listening. This was the beginning of a five-six month intensive study period.

It was on, we studied almost every evening.  I soon learned the true identity of the Nation of Israel and I was in shock and awe. The break down is as follows:


Judah- Negros/ African Americans

Benjamin- West Indies/ Jamaica to Belize

Levi- Haitians

Simeon- Dominican Republic

Zebulon- Guatemala to Panama

Ephraim- Puerto Ricans

Manasseh- Cubans

Gad- North American Indians

Rueben- Seminole Indians 

Naphtali-  Argentina and Chile

Asher- Columbia to Uruguay

Issachar- Mexicans 

I was blown away and making all kinds of connections in my mind. Not only did I learn the true  identity of the Chosen Children of Israel, I learned the identity of many other modern day biblical nations too. Floored, I was!

Within those 5-6 months We went over the dietary law, the head covering, the Holy days{i.e Sabbath, Passover, the other feasts of God} vs Holidays{i.e Xmas, Easter, Valentines Day, etc.}, cleanliness, marriage, circumspection, the Apocrypha, and a host of other things. I was diligent too. The Bible says study to show thyself approved unto God, and study is what I did. I had my Bible, Concordance, Apocrypha, Dictionary, and notebook with me at all times. I met the man around October/November of 2006, and by January 2007, I began fasting at least once a week. Eventually I was fasting up to 3 times a week consecutively without food or water. I felt great.

I’d be lying to you if I said all we did is study. Hey don’t get the wrong idea! We weren’t having sex {the whole time, which is a whole nother story I’m willing to share upon request}. There was attraction there from the jump and I did my best to be strong and remain focused on the Bible. I knew that sex in the eyes of the Most High was marriage, and I was not interested in marrying this man right away. I was open to the idea, but I definitely wasn’t in a rush. There were plenty nights we spent together that I fought temptation like a champ.

My life completely changed from the time I met him to the time we abruptly ended talking {yes it was extremely abrupt}. I changed my style of dress completely,  began covering my head regularly {afrocentric head wrapping}, started listening to more spiritually fulfilling music, changed my diet{no dairy, pork, beef, turkey, caffeine, alcohol, or drugs}, and my prospective changed. My number one priority was moving closer to the Most High.I even stopped talking so much and started listening more. That may be easy for some of ya’ll, for me it took mad discipline.

In fact, right before I met my brother, I prayed for three things: Discipline, Consideration, and Patience. Boy did I ever learn.

There are so many stories within this Hebrew Israelite Story, however I am getting straight to the point.  Silver Lining: His wife and I are good friends now and I am ever grateful to have experienced life with them.This is the quick and easy version of the far more complicated story. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them.


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  • Shaunece

    Ok so first, thank you for this post. Now as far as questions, I don’t know where to start! As far as your requirements for the next man you’d date, had past relationships gotten you to the point where you had to have that type of man, or just preference? I have to know why/how he was open to premarital sex with you and adultery in his marriage. That is crazy how he told you straight up he was married but it tells me he was fully confident with the many wives issue. Had you met his wife during the time you’d been studying with him? Was she open to multiple wives? Smh, I’m all in the business but this is so interesting to me! So you were open to the idea of marrying him? And when you say your life completely changed did this all happened as you were studying and learning and how does that apply to you now? My current goal is to be closer to God now so I love to learn and grow spiritually. Now I have to know how the relationship ended and I think I’ll stop there… For now :)

    • Alicia

      You’re welcome! Due to my past relationships I decided this was my preference. I was very specific and conjured it up.
      It wasn’t considered adultery because we all knew he was courting me. It wasn’t considered premarital sex either because in the eyes of the Most High as soon as you have sex you are married. So we both knew that once we had sex we would be married in the eyes of God.
      His wife and I talked on the phone a couple times while we studied. We met in person against his will once before him and I abruptly ended things. Once we fell out, his wife and I became really close. She was open to him having multiple wives, but much like myself, she apprehensive once we began courting. I don’t blame her. She found out about me because I met her children and they told her about me. So, even though she was open to the idea, it wasn’t presented to her in an honest and upfront manner.
      I was open to the idea of possibly being his second wife. It wasn’t my main priority. From the time I found out about his wife and how she found out about me, my antennae were up. I was peeping his character and watching him. He was mysterious {fancy for secretive}. Everything was on a need to know basis on his end. The only reason we ended up consummating is because I was calling on other gods the night before {another story I’ll write a post about it if you’d like}.

      My life completely changed from right before I met him and continued at an accelerated pace while studying with him. The things that I learned in the Bible convicted me to change. Fasting allowed me to gain a deeper bond with the Most High and peace within myself. Certain things didn’t appeal to me anymore from my style of dress, partying, the company I kept, etc. I was so much more in tune spiritually. I had visions, and a host of other spiritual experiences that I rarely share lest someone send me to an insane asylum.
      Now all of my experiences have worked together to give me insight on manifestation and Light.I will dedicate a post to this topic soon.

      Thank you for your interest in my story. I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to ask more, the more the merrier. I appreciate your interaction. If you need more details I will divulge.

  • Shaunece

    Ok thanks for your answer :) I’ll be waiting for your post of how all of your experiences worked together. Which leads me into my next question, do you still practice what you learned at that time? I know this was before your cult experience so I can imagine how that will tie in to your upcoming post. As far as what you learned and the practices you began would you recommend studying more into this? Sounds like you benefited from this time in your life. Many things you mentioned in this post would be beneficial to me.

    • Alicia

      In short, no. There is no harm in studying about the {Black} Hebrew Israelites. As far as rituals and lifestyle I wouldn’t. That’s my personal opinion based on my experiences while identifying with them and my cult experience. The lifestyle changes that I made while studying with my brother weren’t because it was lined out in the Bible. I was convicted by what I read to live a holy and consecrated life separate from the wicked and sinful world. So, fasting and praying was what the Most High put in my spirit at the time. The dietary laws were extremely helpful for my cleansing purposes. Caffeine, alcohol, and drugs were eliminated because the Most High put it in my heart to stop. The head covering was because of 1 Corinthians 11:1-5. While in the cult those dietary laws were thrown out the window because the New Covenant made the Old Covenant obsolete {Hebrews chapter 8, particularly 8:13, but the whole chapter explains in detail}. However, I find personally that most of the food restrictions work for me because certain animals, like swine, make me feel sick. Now I have my own “dietary laws” that work for me.
      I absolutely recommend fasting and ridding yourself of caffeine. Caffeine calcifies the pineal gland which is our Third Eye. It’s our spiritual antenna. Not only that but it puts the body in flight or fight mode by raising the cortisol levels. So the body is under stress. Which makes sense. With the cortisol levels raised we are wide awake for our survival because our body thinks we are endangered {there I go getting off subject. Please excuse me}. Drugs and alcohol. Certain drugs when taken with the proper intent will produce a spiritual experience {this is from personal experience and knowledge of the experiences of others}.
      I’ve strayed so far from those practices over the past five years. I haven’t fasted in just about three years due to breast feeding. As soon as Ablactating is complete I will resume fasting.
      Thank you for engaging in dialogue with me. It means so much to me. Bear with me, I am working on posting more about the cult experience and my story. It is challenging because writing about it brings about many uncomfortable emotions. Thank you again. I love your questions please keep them coming.

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