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Skin to skin is so powerful !

When my boy first {re} entered this world I made sure to initiate skin to skin contact with him even when he wasn’t nursing. His first year and a half of life I made skin to skin a priority. When he was an infant and started to run a fever, I’d lay him across my bare body and within 20 minutes his body temperature regulated.¬†Now my baby craves skin to skin. He loves it. When I get home from work, cook, eat and then lay on the couch, he asks, “mommy can I take it my shirt off?” because he wants to put his belly on mine. I get it.

I didn’t always get it once he was old enough to ask. I was a little apprehensive at first. I remember thinking, “oh my God, what is going on.” I was a bit uncomfortable, and I curiously went with it to see where he was coming from. I seen he just wanted to lay on me and relax. There wasn’t anything obscene, offensive, or immoral about it. I talked with the Most High about it due to my upbringing{you can read about it in My Story-Sex}. The Most High helped me to realize and understand that children are human beings, and humans need that closeness and transfer of energy.

I take for granted the fact that as an adult I like skin to skin with the one I love. I like to cuddle and be close to him, so why wouldn’t my son. It makes total since. He is a child and most innocent. There is no perversion or twistedness to it. My baby wants that closeness. When his tummy hurts, he wants to put his tummy on my tummy. It’s the sweetest ¬†thing. It soothes him and I’m fascinated by it.

With that being said, I encourage all you mommas to keep on keeping on with the skin to skin. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your little ones.

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