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As I’m standing here watching myself talk about my first experience at AGAPE Spiritual Center, I am emanating the same energy, emotions, and thought forms that I was in the moment I recorded myself. Silent And Wholeness. The words written on the stone given to me by a beautiful light being minutes after I stepped foot in AGAPE.

Warm cosmic Nectar is smoothly Flowing down my body temple from my crown down through my head, throat, chest, abdomen, waist, hips, Yoni Space {My whole Reproductive System}, legs, feet and toes. Oh to be BATHED in the richness of it. It all makes since. Wholeness is in Silence. Silence is closely related to Stillness. Stillness opens the way for silence and vise versa. The same way there’s movement in stillness, silence is loud. 

Wholeness. Wholeness is Knowing WHO you are. Being who you are destined to be without allowing any perceived limitations to provoke you into thinking that you are incomplete in any way, shape, or form.


II WISDOM~Sarasvati, is pulled as the Theme of the Day. She is Knowledge, Wisdom, Beauty, Creativity, Inspiration, Intelligence, Culture, Language, Speech, and Art personified. As an aspect of the Divine Mother, she pours forth her Her Mystic River water. An outpour of Her ever-flowing Celestial Grace Rushes from the heavens fertilizing and sanctifying the earth. Divine Word. Divine Intellect. Divine Wisdom. Divine Beauty. Divine Art. Divine Culture and Creativity, Divine Inspiration. OMGoddess!! II represents duality. Balance. Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine. Yin/Yang, Night/Day, Darkness/Light, etc. Beautiful Theme!!!!


Divine Creative Mother and Father, I honor you and thank you for aiding me in my process BEing Divine Feminine Grace. YESSSSS! As I move throughout my day, open my eyes that I may clearly see All the many ways All of my spiritual team communicate with me. Let me hear and comprehend every whisper of your counsel. Use me as a vessel for Ecstasy, Healing, Light, Love, Bliss, Creativity, Wisdom, Peace, and Goddess Bliss Glitz. Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!! ASE, ASE, ASE!!!


This sounds great, now to put this into practice. What does this practically look like for me? How do I get silent and still so that I can BE? I begin Stretching my body on everything in my environment. Giving me the urge to serge my energy straight into the earth. Fighting my instinct to disrobe and honor Earth nakedly in every sense of what nakedness means {Only out of respect for my guest, who would be uncomfortable with my undressing}, I’m Gliding across my backyard headed for my sacred tree. Around and around I circle Mama Earth’s wondrous tree in trance, stretching my upper body. Walking in the distance away from my tree, I stop in my tracks and begin to sway ever so soothingly. Finally in silence I FEEL the Breeze with ALL of my senses. I taste it and see it too. Oh WoW!! Epiphany:  When you silence your mind with your body, your spirit is allowed to BE.  BEINGNESS allows ALL of your hopes and dreams to flow to you naturally. It is here when you dwell, you are ME ~ Warrior Empress

The Video that Sparked it ALL

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