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September- Catch Up

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I set aside this month to play catch up!!! No, I didn’t plan to fail. In fact, I made it fail proof by giving myself a month to catch up on any unfinished tasks. Brilliant, if I do say so myself. Things to catch up on:

1) Jul-Website Launch

2) Apr- Finish WMSCOG Scrapbook

3) Jan- Acquire New Organization system for the Bathrooms

4) Jun- Make and send Letters to Friends and Family

5) Aug- Start Crystal Therapy

6) Feb- Work out w/Sean



Knowing that I’ve written the vision out and made it plain, set my intent for the year, and have been doing my best to stick to the script, I’m proud of myself. My biggest epiphany in it all is allowing myself to feel without resistance. While in the Society I trained myself to cut off my emotions so that I wouldn’t sin, even in my mind by harping on negativity. The truth of the matter is that sometimes things take place in my life that make me feel anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness, annoyed, disgust, aggravated, disheartened, hysterical, insecure, insane, possessive, provoked, intimidated, fearful, loathsome, furious, gloomy, depressed, stressed, dazed, temperamental, uneasy, worn out, tired, lazy, seductive, sexual, sensual, wrathful, confused, obsessed, withdrawn, perverted, arrogant, egotistic, miserable, frazzled, disappointed, isolated, and a host of other unpleasant emotions. And it’s okay. I’m not a worthless sinner because I feel these emotions. I’m not evil and I don’t need to be fixed. Though these emotions may feel nasty, heavy, negative, uneasy, and bad, they are all necessary for my growth and development. Just because I feel a certain way doesn’t make me that type of person. I will no longer stop myself from feeling my emotions regardless of what emotion it is for fear of sinning or upsetting God.  I am perfect the way I am. Human.

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  • business development

    You’ve given me some very nice tips to dominate to my business.

    • Alicia

      What Business are you in? That’s awesome let me know how those tips work once you implement them.

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