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December 28, 2014 @ 7pm

Married 2 Change Radio


Divine Inspiration

Hosted By

Alicia Monet



Brothers and Sistars or better yet Gods and Goddesses,

As this chapter called 2014, comes to a close we are able to sit back and reflect upon our accomplishments, our growth, our goals, our old and new strengths and weaknesses, our old habits and things that no longer serve us, and  we are NOW in the position to decide what makes us happy and contributes to our higher good and what doesn’t. It is now up to YOU to choose the life YOU desire.

Tonight I will share with you how I ambitiously went about Choosing the life I desire and making it a REALITY for 2014, and the tools I will use to MANIFEST the life I desire in 2015. Special Guests Vision Board expert Infini Blu will share her expertise as well as the Mantra Manifestor himself the Kemetic Yogi.

Tune in! Trust and believe you WANT TO HEAR THIS AND PUT IT INTO ACTION. Remember when you are excited about life and the endless possibilities of greatness you want to share with others, and, well, when you do be mindful of the ones who tell you things like “yea right, let’s see how long that last.” Or “you can’t do that!” Those are the ones you need to eliminate. PERIOD!!!! The ones that ask you “how?” Tell em’ “Watch!”


Call in to ask questions or share an insight





Tonight’s show was amazing. I am definitely more comfortable, though I was really nervous this time around and after listening to the show I can totally hear it in my voice. That’s All good.


1. VISION BOARD~Infini Blu


  • Various Magazines {Cars, Travel, Fashion, Homes, Gardening, Cooking, etc.}

  • Poster Board {or anything like it that you can hang in plain view}

  • Pen

  • Paper

  • OPTIONAL~All kinds of decorative things {stickers, stamps, material, glitter, etc}

First things first, write down your top 10 goals/dreams/desires.

Now imagine what that looks like. Translate the words into an image or images. These images can be written word or art work. You can cut them out of the magazines or draw, or  create them.

Once you’ve collected your images place them on your board. You can tell a story with it, make visual list, or whatever you want. It’s your vision board. Free of judgment from your self or others. Free from the desires, goals, and expectations of others. This is yours and yours alone. You are creating your life right here and now.

Make sure everything on there feels good. Look at it, share it with your support group. Feel good looking at it. Feel good talking about it. Feel good living it. YESS!!!! {DEEP Inhale, Exhale} AHHHH!

This Feels GOOD!


2.Mantra Manifestation~ Kemetic Yogi


  • Post its {or another creative alternative}

  • Pen

  • Your Mind

First of all you need to come up with some mantras. Mantra–> Word or formula, as from VEDA, chanted or sung as an incantation or  prayer. Don’t freak out about the whole chanted thing. You can simply repeat it  over and over and that’ll suffice.

Okay, now say your mantra daily, especially when you begin to feel disempowered. This is also where your post its come in. Allow your post its{or other creative alternative e.g I write on my mirrors with dry erase markers} to be your reminders. Kemetic Yogi spoke about how he does it The Color Purple style. Ya’ll remember when Ms. Cellie was learning how to read and there were Index cards taped on everything?! If you haven’t seen the Color Purple, then watch that movie right after you listen to this show.

What You Need:

A. Clear and Focused Intentional and Consistent Thought.

Use your imagination!

B.Word Sound Power! Speak it into Existence

Say your mantras. Affirm what you are willing to do to get out of your own way.

C. Take Action

You need to get out and be available to receive all that you are feeling, thinking, speaking and believing!

3. What It Is Box


  • A box that makes you feel good when you look at it

  • Magazines {ALL types}

  • Anything that you collect, write or create that you desire to manifest

On the top of the box write: What is in this box is. {This is courtesy of Abraham Hicks}

Whenever you see, think or feel something that you want to experience cut it out, collect it, draw it, or write it down.

You are going to put it in the box. BEFORE you put it in the box say ” What is in this box is!” then put it in the box and feel good about it. Know that it will manifest. YESS!!



  • Paper {Or other recording device}

  • Pen

  •  A PLAN

This is an ambitious project based on the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  This is where you assign a theme for each month.  You can click on the Happiness Project category at the top of the page to read all about the details. Please cut yourself some slack. Have fun. Go with the Flow. Once you’ve already got it written down and etched in your brain, then make the effort and watch it all unfold. I’ll share a couple of pictures of my charts and reminders to give you an idea.


Here is an example of February.

Left: Visual Reminder                                                                      Right: CHECKLIST with a motto at the top


FEb.Taylors        Feb. taylors checklist

4 Agreements

   This is a reminder I keep on my refrigerator.

Anything and everything is possible and your choice.

The Happiness Project is very ambitious and took me some time to plan out. I encourage you to read the book first

by Gretchin Rubin



HAVE FUN!!!  ALL OF THESE TOOLS SHOULD BE FUN AND FEEL GOOD.  If at any point you feel bad or disempowered while doing these things, then stop. Take a break and some deep breathes and regroup. GAther your thoughts and begin appreciating were you are, and what you are able to experience now. Once you FEEL better, have at it. Let this be fun. Please Listen to the show before putting any of these tool into practice. Please and Thank you!!


SO, Last night I found an article entitlted ” How To Begin Rebuilding  Your Life and Make It Ridiculously Amazing.” I found this Commitment to self that I totally love and recommend you to write out and sign for and between yourself.



I (name),

Make a commitment to myself,

To spend so much time improving myself and my life that I have no time for worry,  judgement, criticism, whining and complaining;

To forgive, release and let go of my attachment to any past struggles and allow every challenge life sends my way to make me better not bitter.

Starting now, I make a commitment to let go of what’s behind me and start appreciating what’s in front of me;

To let go of all the pointless drama, all the toxic relationships, thoughts and behaviors that are present in my life and to constantly shift my focus from the bad on to the good;

To make room in my heart for love, happiness, peace and tranquility and to create my life from a place of infinite choices and possibilities – the present moment, and no longer from a place of limitations – the past.

I commit to staying true to myself at all times and to never betray myself just so I can please other people.

I commit myself to give up on toxic thought, behaviors and relationships but never on myself and my dreams.

Starting now and starting today, I will  begin rebuilding my life and to make it ridiculously amazing.


One more extremely important thing that I failed to mention on the show, ther are some THINGS, PEOPLE, SITUATIONS, THOUGHT PROCESSES, and ATTITUDES that you MUST LET GO OF. LEAVE THEM IN 2014. YOU KNOW, IN YOUR HEART, WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. 




Centering Thought for the Week

1. Write down your vision and make it plain.

2. Choose one of these tools

Vision Board

Mantra Manifestation

What It Is Box {ADVANCED}

Happiness Project {AMBITIOUS}

3. Share you vision with a supportive person or group


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