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Potty Time

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So my big boy is making strides. Are we there yet? Not even!! I get so frustrated sometimes because he is so smart that I forget he is still only 26 months. Some days he will take off his pants and diaper and go to the potty, regardless of which room its in, and pee pee in the potty. He’ll do it multiple times in a day whenever he gets the urge to pee. Then there are other days, like today, when I put him on underwear and trust him to go to the potty when he has to pee. These days are when he pees everywhere except on the damn potty! Huh!! I mean I don’t get it. We can be at a friend’s house and he’ll let me know he has to potty or I’ll ask if he has to pee and he’ll say yes and I’ll sit him on the toilet and he’ll pee. So WHY?!!!! Why when he is in underwear do we go through this pissing on the furniture? Come on Z!!! Mommy knows you know when you have to go pee son. I don’t cuss him out or hit him or make him feel bad about it because he’s learning. I’m not trying to scare him into submission. That’s just not how we roll. I do yell after the second time. Especially if its on my furniture. I ask him where does pee pee go, he says ” pee pee in potty.” And I’ve tried leaving the wet undies on him but he can care less about that wet feeling. Perhaps I should put pants on him too and let him feel the wet clothes too. I don’ t know. So I give in and put a diaper on his behind just so I don’t have to clean piss up all day. Oh! Getting him to clean it up is his delight. He loves it. I’m just ready for him to go to the potty so I don’t have to buy and change diapers anymore.

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