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Potty Progress!!!!!

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Near the end of his 27th month, Z started asking me for a baby. He’d say things like “mommy I want a baby. Mommy can you give me a baby please.” After clarifying questions, I realized he was asking me for a little brother or sister. So I told him once he goes pee pee in the potty all the time and and doesn’t need diapers anymore, then mommy would have another baby. I was so excited. This was it, incentive to finally go to the potty.  A few days later he asked me, during a nursing session, about his baby. I told him when mommy has the baby the baby will have kai kai too { kai kai is what he calls breast feeding}. He looked at me and said, “Zion share?” I said “thats right baby, you have to share with your baby. Once you put all your pee pee in the potty and mommy has a baby you have to share kai kai.” He seriously thought about and replied “I don’t want a baby.” From that point on he didn’t even attempt to go to the potty at all. I mean a total 180 degree shift from at least going sometimes to not at all. I messed up big this time. What was I suppoesed to say, “ok Z, if you don’t want a baby then go pee pee in the potty.” By this time I drilled it in his head that a baby was coming once he was out of diapers. Given the dramatic change I just let it go. I figured he’ll go one day and once he does there’s no turning back; much like  crawling,walking, feeding himself, etc.

Fast forward 4 months, he’s 31 months and finally a light bulb went off in his head. We had just finished taking a shower {Z and I}, and I was putting on my underwear. Z goes “what is it mommy?” I answered,  “These are my underwear baby. You know, just about everyone wears underwear. Mommy, daddy, Auntie…” “And Ethan?” He interjected. “Thats right. And they have all kinds of underwear Z. There’s Spiderman, Superman, Elmo…” “EW EW, and Mickey Mouse?” He interupted again. ” And Mickey Mouse. I tell you what Z. If you go pee pee in the potty all week, we will go pick out big boy underwear for you.”  BINGO!!!! I hit the jackpot. I made sure that he would succeed by placing him on the potty every morning as soon as he woke up. I gave him a chocolate covered acai berry as a reinforcement each time he went potty. After he went potty we’d put a check mark on his calendar for that day.When I got home Wednesday evening he told me he had to go potty and he went. I was so proud. By Friday he was so excited because he earned his underwear.

When I dropped him off at school I told his teacher about our agreement. She said that he had eliminated twice at school that week. She told me to bring his underwear to school on Monday and she’ll make sure he goes on the potty. That Saturday we went to Target to pick out his big boy underwear. To my surprise he picked out Spiderman. I totally thought Elmo or Mickey. Nope. He wanted Spiderman. He was so proud of himself. He returned to school on Tuesday {he didn’t attend Monday}. On the car ride he had his undies in his hands and he opened them up. When we arrived I put them back in the packages and he asked to hold on to a pair. I let him. As soon as we entered the school he shouts at the top of his lungs, “I HAVE SPIDERMAN!,” while holding his undies high in the air. The kindergarten class was looking at him like he lost his mind. One kid says, ” he’s holding underwear.” That was the best. So we go to his class and I put his underwear on him and went to work. I couldn’t wait to find out how he did. I called his grandma around 6pm to check on him. She tells me what he has on and my boy stayed dry the whole day and had already gone potty 3 times since he got home. I was elated.For the rest of the week he wet himself once at school, and twice at home. Phenomenal start.  He earned himself more underwear. It is now the third week. He has earned underwear this week too.

My biggest challenge is getting him to take his underwear off at night to wear a diaper to bed. Sunday night of his first week in underwear I let him sleep in them. he woke up in the middle of the night and I asked him if he had to potty. He said no, and then said yes and went to the potty. YAY! Well Monday and Tuesday night were totally different. He woke up in the middle of those two nights too, but it was because he wet the bed. So to keep me sane I decided to stick to diapers at night.

Before we go to school I ask him if he needs to go potty and he will try even if he doesn’t have to go so he can earn a “cha-co-let,” as he calls it.


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  • ToiyuanPierre

    Your doing such a fabulous job at #MotherHood @Alicia….continue loving your baby with ALLLLLLL YOUR HEART

    • Alicia

      Thanks Unkie Toi!

  • Feltus

    Awesome work,definitely takes patience and consistency… Keep up the great work beautiful!!!

    • Alicia

      It’s funny, I don’t even feel like I’ve been working hard at all. Despite advice to pick a weekend and sit him on the potty every hour to get it done, I’ve never done it. I attempted once and it didn’t pan out. I’m so lax that I figured it will happen whenever it happens. Before I knew underwear was THEE reinforcer I wasn’t really doing anything besides outing on the potty in the morning when he woke up. Even that wasn’t consistent. It most definitely takes lots of patience though. He’s so freakin smart. I know he is aware and able. Now with the hope of getting new underwear every week he is willing!!! And I’m WINNING!!!

  • Alicia

    Thanks a Million!! I’m thrilled that you like it and will share it. I appreciate you commenting and your support. Enjoy the site!!!

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