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Potty Progress!!!!!

Near the end of his 27th month, Z started asking me for a baby. He’d say things like “mommy I want a baby. Mommy can you give me a baby please.” After clarifying questions, I realized he was asking me for a little brother or sister. So I told him once he goes pee pee […]
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II. Special Case

The heat was on. It was war. Wendy and I tried to get our friends from our old church to come have Bible study. If only they would sit down and see for themselves through the Bible they would realize the Truth of Life, leave Babylon, flee to Zion. Fortunately Wendy wasn’t black balled, she […]
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I. Ultimate Betrayal

Finally the day came when I got baptized. The gates of heaven opened, white doves flew in flocks, and harps were a playing. NOT! But that’s what it felt like. My faith went from being deeper than the deepest sea to the size of a mustard seed. I remember walking on campus wondering if I […]
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         I feel so alive right now it’s amazing. I spent 2008-2012, in a destructive mind control group. People called it a cult, which by definition it is, along with many  other everyday organizations {Cult: a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.}. Boy was […]
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January- Clutter Be Gone

How do I say this while cutting myself some slack? Hmmm. I missed the mark in a major way. It’s funny because I can tell you the reasons why and it’ll be considered an excuse. In my mind, due to the conditioning/programming, whenever I don’t reach a goal the reason why is an excuse. Rather […]
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March- Mommy and Z

Boy did I have a good time this month with my boy. This month was all about giving him my undivided attention, creating traditions, stimulating his imagination, bonding, giving him choices, making his food playful, and waking him up to bubbles. I will start with the +’s. I woke him up to bubbles every day […]
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New Year, New ME

Much like the end of every year, I spent the end of 2013 reflecting upon my goals, accomplishments, short comings, unfinished tasks, and lessons learned {Paying careful attention to note any re occuring tests}. Here are my top ten lessons learned in 2013:   1. Always get full coverage insurance for EVERYTHING! 2. Its way […]
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