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Natural Cold Busters!!!!

This post is inspired by a new breastfeeding mommy friend of mine {we were friends before either of us became mothers}. She caught a cold and needed to know of any alternatives to medicine to knock that cold out without passing along harmful substances to her little nursling. So I sent her a list of […]
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Ablactating !!!!

You read correctly people. Ablactating is a bitter sweet process. How long I’ve fantasized about the day I’ll no longer be a heifer{that’s always the way I felt and looked}, acquiescing to every request on demand regardless of the time, place, or situation. Please don’t misunderstand, the experience is irreplaceable. Have you seen Avatar the […]
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12 Commandments

Here are my 12 commandments to assist in pushing me out of my comfort zone {where all the magic happens} 1. Be true to your being 2. Don’t settle 3. No need to explain, defend, or justify 4. Just say NO!! 5. Accept your thoughts and emotions without judgment 6. Be present NOW! 7. Decide […]
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IV. Home Sweet Home

I drove straight to the Reseda church full of hope and great expectation. I remember meeting missionary Kelly and sister Lila upon my first visit. There were others, but these two made the biggest impression. Missionary Kelly studied with me that day. She was amazing. Strict, harsh, and to the point. She held nothing back. […]
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July- The Launch

This is the month I’m supposed to Launch my website. Ever since I read the Happiness Project, I knew I would be writing about my experience and sharing it with the world. I had no clue that it would via a website. I like to call it my Online Journal. That idea didn’t hit me until August […]
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