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Mercury Retrograde: Not Even A Glance

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Joy and Love ooze from my pores. Who would’ve known LESS than a YEAR ago, I couldn’t even look myself in the mirror.

Not Even A Glance

I kid you not. My face was piled with acne from top to bottom. I researched and tried so many things to address my disgusting problem. Talk about grossed out. I watched people look at the surfeit of pustules on my face with loathing.Oh my Gosh, I had a really bad habit at popping, picking, and poking at them all day long. I was so grossed out. Self-esteem; non existent. I eliminated dairy, sugar, & attempted gluten in an attempt to eradicate those damn pus filled bumps Ugh!!! The cold part about it is INSIDE I knew damn well what the root was. I wasn’t happy with myself. I didn’t value myself, and I allowed myself to just exist instead of BEING true to me. BY this time I had gotten into the habit of sweeping my desires under the rug. I wasn’t Honest with MYSELF. I allowed myself to endure so much stress that it was all around unhealthy. I tend not to worry or express stress by popping off or complaining, so it manifest physically in my body.  So in the process of detoxing spiritually, emotionally, and mentally the toxicity poured from my face. The one Place that forced me to DEAL with MY SHIT!!! I couldn’t hide my face. Even if I avoided the mirror, my friends were extremely concerned. I still spoke positively and all. Finally, I decided to LOVE MYSELF. I forced myself to say “I love you just the way you are,” while painfully looking at my deplorable face. {SIGH} It was a very challenging 2014. So I did this for about a month and some change and then I actually believed it and felt it. I LOVE MYSELF JUST THE WAY I AM!!!! That was only the beginning. The real healing happened once I decided to detox ENERGETICALLY!!!! BABAAYY!!! That’s when the magic happened. My faced cleared up in 2 days, let’s say 3 to be on the safe side. All jokes aside it was a MIRACLE. I felt light as a feather and that is when I started using my WINGS. I started feeling my wings and flapping them and REmembering to Fly. MAN. TO see my face this radiant and my eyes so clear and VIBRANT. Ya’ll I’ve been working my tail off on the INSIDE. This is just so Beautiful to me because while you may ONLY see a beautiful face, I SEE A PHOENIX WHO HAS RISEN, and STILL I RISE. I AM Soaring and this is just the beginning. ALL this took place before I started meditating in NOV. It’s a process and I’m still IN IT. This is just a NICE PAUSE and RE-flective, RE-connecting, RE-ceiving, & RE-warding, Mercury Retrograde.


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  • Kamean

    If this is the beginning, just imagine what is to come <3? I love to listen to stories about your journey! You are one of the realest people I know and with a beauty to match that comes from within. The work you are doing on yourself is a true inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing all of the beautiful creations you will birth along your journey :) Blessed <3

    • Alicia

      Thank you for commenting! It’s a blessing that my inner work, though challenging and painful is an inspiration to you. Sometimes I’m working so hard that I forget that it’s working. If that makes any sense. Like planting seeds, watering them, giving then plenty of sunlight and love, and not realizing a few months later that you have a beautiful Garden with a plethora of healing herbs, fruits, vegetables, and beautiful flowers. So this Mercury Retrograde has been so Re-freshing for me. I see the Beautiful garden with all the healing gifts to share.
      I appreciate your exchange. Read more and comment more!!!

  • Kente

    #Mercury #Phoenix #SelfAcknowledgement #Esteem #Prestige #Divinity #Renaissance #Aspired #PerfectInperfection

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