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11/19 6:43am   The Best News of the Year

Location: My Facebook Inbox

Infini Blu: Hello Beautiful One


Alicia Monet: Hello. Thank you

Infini Blu: U have a beautiful light

Alicia Monet: Thank you

Infini Blu: Keep shining

Alicia Monet: I will

Infini Blu: Have you ever thought about doing your own radio show??

                     Spreading your love further and wider

Alicia Monet: Yes

                            I have it all written down Divine Inspiration

Infini Blu: What would you talk about on ur show???

Alicia Monet: Love, Peace, Healing, & Restoration is the purpose and I’ll talk about The topics on my website

Infini Blu: Cool right!!!!

Alicia Monet: My experience in a destructive mind control cult

                            how I got out

                           what I am doing noe


Infini Blu: I have my own station and I’d love to have u on

Alicia Monet: My journey from the beginning. I’d talk about issues that we all experience that we are afraid to make public

                           I’m honored


This is how it all manifested. Just like this minus a few emoticons and emojis.  My heart pounded. I’m not sure if this is real or if she’s gasin’ me. I’m in awe. My meditation just ended and as I’m posting my Centering thought for the day, wham, she’s in my inbox. So it’s true, meditation does work. 16 days of meditation focused on manifesting my true desires,and bam!!! Just like that, one of my long lost dreams is manifested without my knowledge. During my meditation I didn’t consciously acknowledge my desire to heal the world via radio. Apparently my soul’s desire doesn’t require my acknowledgement to manifest. I must admit, I have been preparing to be back online. I’ve been recording my voice, speaking about my cult experience, emotions about various subjects, and observations. I was going to do my first broadcast on my birthday that next Sunday, November 30, 2013, and instead did it the week after Sunday, December 7, 2013. Now you can tune in every week on Sunday at 7pm Pacific Standard Time.

I am so eager to bless you through this podcast. My intent is to emit Love. Peace, Healing, and Restoration to allow us all to reach and operate at our full potential. I’d love to hear from you. Please do listen and provide me with feedback. You can even requests topics you’d like for me to discuss.




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