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March- Mommy and Z

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Boy did I have a good time this month with my boy. This month was all about giving him my undivided attention, creating traditions, stimulating his imagination, bonding, giving him choices, making his food playful, and waking him up to bubbles.

I will start with the +’s. I woke him up to bubbles every day until he asked me to stop. Sunday became our family  day where we do things as a family whether it be playing at the park, skating, club craft, etc. I was sure to give him at least two choices between everything from his clothing and shoes, crafts and activities, food and drink, down to who to call to pick him up from school and or watch him when I need a babysitter. Giving him my full attention and bonding were by far the easiest because I miss him so much by the time I leave work that I’m all his when I get home. From the time I enter the door, he is my little helper. He helps me cook and clean before we do our bedtime routine (minus bath time most nights). We made up our own hand shake, songs, and games. Moving on to places that need improvement.


I failed to make his food playful. You know, little trees with fruits and veggies, and other characters and shapes with food. By the time I get home to prepare dinner, the last thing I thought about was making food playful. I came home exhausted with just enough push to cook with my son, talk about his day, eat, read books, prime him for the next day, and nurse him to sleep. I’m disappointed that I did not follow through with my plan to spark his imagination by dressing up like various community workers, super heroes, and cartoon characters. I was totally looking forward  to that. I also planned on either creating a different scene that his toys find themselves in each morning and pretending like they come alive at night, or moving his Elmo different places around the house for him to try to find Elmo every morning.


Overall I’ll give myself a B. I think it’s a fair grade. I’m most definitely working on improving that grade throughout this year.

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