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June- Watch and Dine With the Dead!

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My husband has a twisted since of humor so I thought he’d get a kick out of watching a movie at a cemetery.  I had it all planned out. We’d watch a thriller and afterwards we’d party it up with booze and the other weirdoes who decided to watch a scary movie at a cemetery. Of course things didn’t  go as planned, which I’m totally used to at this point.

This date night was scheduled for the month of June which so happens to be my honey’s birthday month. Unfortunately we were unable to make it in June.

We went to Skate Depot in Cerritos for our date night. How could I ever forget. It was certainly a night to remember. First of all it was 21 and over night that looked more like 50 and over skate night. Sean and I know how to skate, but compared to these folks we looked like amateurs. When I got out on the rink this old man was like, “hey yougin!” WHAT?!!! Naw man. Yes, it was like partying with your grandma and them. It was fun, no doubt. We had a ball!

We finally set a date to go to the movie before the end of summer (September 13, to be exact). We watched the Matrix  Saturday night at the most beautiful cemetery I’ve ever visited. Allow me to paint the scene. We arrived at 7:58pm and paid to upgrade our parking tickets to park inside of the cemetery. Once we parked we gathered our things and began our trek to the site of the movie. There was a concrete path that led us to our destination. The gravesites were beautiful. there were rectangular boxes made of marble on top of the ground damn near the length of the casket the dearly departed were buried in. They were decked out with pictures, words, and some of them had marble outlines and the middle was a place to plant things. It was like walking through a museum. Then the path ended and we had to walk on the grass. That’s when it set in, we are at a cemetery walking around at night like its the thing to do. All we needed was some fog and creepy music and it would’ve been a wrap.

When we finally arrived we had no choice but to sit in the back behind hedges, very far away from the screen. I tried my best to contain my annoyance by the fact that I wanted to arrive around 6:30p to get good seats and we didn’t show up until 8p when the movie started. My skin was crawling the whole trip because I was working diligently attempting to transmute my complaint into gratitude for the opportunity to experience this date night. I’m proud. Not once did I voice any compliant about our tardiness, or the reason we had such crummy seats. I enjoyed the show. We ate Subway, Kale Salad, an Apple, and drank Kombucha.

It was pretty cool. I totally recommend it.

What I’d do differently next time:

Arrive at or around 6:30 for good seats.

That’s it!!!


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  • jimmy

    A movie at a cemetery. Something I’d totally do. I sware I need to move from this city. What movie was it?

    • Alicia

      It was the Matrix. I wish it was scary but given the circumstances this was our best bet. It was so cool!!! And a little spooky walking to and from the car. There was a massive amount of people.
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

  • Alicia

    I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. I appreciate your feedback and I’m so glad you are diggin my site and recommend it to your friends. My heart is so throbbing right now. Feel free to ask any clarification questions or for more details. My goal While writing here has been to stick straight to the point without any side bars. Believe me when I say I have side bars for days. Thank you so much I love you and let’s heal together!!!!!

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