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July- The Launch

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This is the month I’m supposed to Launch my website. Ever since I read the Happiness Project, I knew I would be writing about my experience and sharing it with the world. I had no clue that it would via a website. I like to call it my Online Journal. That idea didn’t hit me until August of 2013. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. The Goal: Launch Blog and update it daily, avoid time wasters {excessive Facebook, Instagram, and games}, push myself out of my comfort Zone, pay attention to details, take daily steps to promote my blog, and make time to wander and play. 1a7991081f279607a3b477f48d26cb0d Of course procrastination kicked in. I immediately purchased my domain name. I then began writing content. I tried my best to stay on task each month. I thought, ‘I’ll purchase my web design in June, add all my content, and viola, in July I’ll launch it no problem.” Well let’s just say it didn’t quite work out that way. When it came to writing period, I was stuck. Luckily I began writing the content back in December of 2013, so by the time July rolled around I was off to a good start. 12 Months of Dates, The Happiness Project, Life Lucid, and Mommydom were easy {though I wasn’t all the way caught up} because those are just reporting my progress. The most challenging content was about my life in the cult. I kept drawing blanks. I worked so hard to put it away that writing about it required lots of energy. It didn’t help that I had my everyday work and home life to maintain as well, and from December to July, I was getting home from work at 9:00pm.


I purchased the web design in June and when I went to work on adding content my HP laptop got a virus, and all of my content was formatted in such a way that it didn’t translate to Mac. AWWWWW!!! I was so frustrated that I left it alone for a day, which turned into a week and now I was that much closer to my deadline. I saved my files as pdfs, emailing was out of the question due to the virus. I put it on a thumb drive as a pdf and the mac couldn’t read it, AWWWWWW!  I was so upset. I copied and pasted some of the content in word, saved it as a pdf, put it on a thumb drive and it worked! Then I took pictures of some of the content with my phone, and retyped it. Then I had enough for a nice start.

In July, I had a website up and running. I didn’t have all my content up so I didn’t feel like launching it. I didn’t even give out my website until one morning I recieved an email that I had a comment on one of my post. I was estatic. How did they find me? It was over, I gave me web address to multiple people daily {CHECK}, and asked for feedback.  A sort of soft launch was accomplished, and the feed back was awesome. Everybody wasn’t a yes man.I spent more time working on my website than time wasters {CHECK}. Sharing my cult experience was out of my comfort zone {CHECK}. I’d say I have been and will continue to focus on details that I don’t usual focus on {CHECK}.With that being said I didn’t launch in July.

Overall I give myself a B- for this month. A soft launch is better than none at all.

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  • Alicia

    What a blessing!! I receive your message. I will write more. I’m so grateful!!! I’m so glad you wrote this to me!!! I’m on it. Seriously reading this is like fuel for me because I am human and I still get discouraged which leads to deterrence from my goals. I am so excited to write more so you can read more. I invite you to be as interactive as you feel comfortable and ask questions which will I turn inspired more posts. Thank you so much! I love you and appreciate your energy!!

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