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Joys of Raising a Male Child

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Nobody said it’ll be easy, and they sure didn’t say I’ll be dealing with with flying piss, light masturbation, or ding-a-ling talk. Here is a list of the joys of rearing a little boy. Mind you he’s only two and a half right now.

1) We found out at the same time that his urine could shoot far. He was amused and made the most of every opportunity.

2) When changing his diaper to clean him I need to pull his shaft back and wipe under the head of his shaft. Lint and things accumulate if you don’t. And he is circumcised.

3) Once he felt his penis and liked the feeling he’s touched it, yanked it, pulled it, hit it against things, brushed it, pinched it, twisted it, held it, swung it, and any thing else you can imagine. It’s funny he used to sneak and touch it when he thought I wasn’t looking. I finally told him it’s ok if he touches it, but only at home.

4) He wakes up with a hard penis. Every morning faithfully. This morning he says “mommy my ding a ling stickin up, what are we gonna do? I know! Oh, Toodles!”  { I bust out laughing uncontrollably}

5) His favorite colors are bright colors that include pink, purple, magenta, and glitter. I don’t discourage this or impose any gender roles. I can totally relate I love those colors too. I don’t know what I expected. It just goes to show that “boy and girl” colors are illusionary gender constructions.  It’s the general public I worry about.

6) He is protective of me. When I introduce him to my male friends, he puts his arm out so that hugging is not an option. Too cute! When his dad, my husband, has my phone he will say ” hey daddy, that’s mommy’s phone!” And attempt to take it from him to give it me. Funny! And a host of things like this.


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  • Myeisha

    When I met you so many years ago, I had no idea this is the woman you would become. I am excited and eager to see your post and life from your point of view. I love the way you put these moments into words. Although these experiences are common in my life and household as well, I love reading this page. Congratulations on being the woman that you are and you have a lucky child might I add, he will be something special.

    • Alicia

      Thank you so much Myeisha!! It feels good to have support from my own. I’m glad that you’re excited and eager to read more. I’m eager to share more. I have so much to share and I invite you in to witness my Healing Journey sis. Thank you for all of your kind words. I made it a point to get straight to the point in all of my post, so if you have any questions about any post or you desire more details, please do leave a comment asking for the information, and I’ll be glad to answer you. Please share my website, radio show, and Youtube Channel. With extreme gratitude I thank you.

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