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January- Paint Night

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What better way to start the new year as a couple, than to paint the night away. A few drinks, some paint, and a blank canvas. So much potential!!! I found a Groupon that was $25 per person and snagged two of those puppies right away. Sweet!! Our only gripe is that my honey’s work schedule is all over the place, so we never know when he will be free until he is. Only problem with that is Paint Nite requires reservations. The third weekend of January we were psyched to redeem our tickets. Unfortunately, by the time I went online to make the reservations all weekend was sold out. Bummer!! Instead, I planned a romantic getaway at the Welk’s Resort in Escondido for the fourth and last weekend in January. YESS!!! We did it; we had a date night in January. It wasn’t Paint Night, but it was very much worth it and needed. We spent two nights at the Lawerence Welk Resort. The only catch, we agreed to listen to a 90 minute time share presentation. I know, I know!! But the resort was so nice I had to. Little did I know that 90 minutes would turn into 4 hours. By the time it was over the whole day was over with it. I planned on enjoying at least 3 of the 8 pools there. Not on that day. So, we spent the night doing couples yoga, laughing, and tripping off one another. It was grand. The next morning was check out, but we got to enjoy the amenities all day. It was total R&R!

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Hey we didn’t give up on paint night, it just got pushed to February. So now we have two date nights to look forward to next month. Yay! Paint Nite was amazing. It was right over in Studio City, next to an old client of mines, at an Italian Restaurant. Oh me oh my, I felt like a true artist and so did my love. It was a lot more fun than I expected. All of the materials were provided for us: paint, brushes, canvas, apron, cup of water, napkin. The artist taught us how to replicate a painting step by step. The coolest part is that everybody chose their own color palate. So the variations and interpretations of the piece were vast and beautiful. Thrilling. To top it all off we got to drink wine ( or whatever your beverage of choice is) while painting. Tipsy painting. Talk about in the zone.It was awesome!! I recommend paint night to everyone. You do not need to have any experience at all, just a good attitude. By the way, paint nite is hosted in various states and cities, and Groupon carries half off tickets. I almost forgot to mention that my honey won a free ticket to paint nite . Yipee! We will definitely do it again.

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