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January- Clutter Be Gone

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How do I say this while cutting myself some slack? Hmmm. I missed the mark in a major way. It’s funny because I can tell you the reasons why and it’ll be considered an excuse. In my mind, due to the conditioning/programming, whenever I don’t reach a goal the reason why is an excuse. Rather it is valid or not, explanation=excuse. PERIOD! Have I always felt that way? NO. Overtime, living and working in California I’ve picked up on the fact that it doesn’t matter what happens, if you want it you make it happen.

So about January. A real bummer, and no way to start the New Year. I managed to get some of my goals accomplished. I reorganized the pantry, and medicine cabinets. I got rid of old purses, shoes, and clothes. But that is all. I’m not calling it a total loss though. My finances to fund this project was used for an emergency so I started out in the hole. On top of that I was still working 7 days a week until the end of January. Once I had weekends off my son and I caught the flu, during my two week training process for my new job. Needless to say, my energy, time and money were unavailable. My drive and determination for the project just wasn’t strong enough to overcome this month. Not to mention January was all about cleanning up and decluttering my home/life. I love for things to be clean and tidy, and I don’t like the process of cleaning. I’ve tried making it fun {dancing with utensils and the whole 9}, but its just not my strong point. There are people whole genuinely love to clean up. I mean they look forward to the day they get to scrub,wash, and declutter. Me on the other hand, I avoid it, put it off, and cringe as I do it. I have to have on gloves that go up my arms, clorox wipes, and Viva paper towels{I don’t like using towels because they get all dirty}. I know, I know it’s a shame. So after I clean up I’m proud of myself. Messy Perfectionist. Organized disorder. Some say my husband and I are border line hoarders. I say we are collectors. Paint a picture for you?I know this about myself though, which is why I put a strategy together to get rid of things and set up an orderly system to store everything we have.

At least I still attempted to work on it whenever I had a minute. I didn’t just throw in the towel. I give myself a D+ for the effort. The rest of the year will most definitely be way better than this month. And I am still working on this project throughout the year. All is not lost. Slow and steady. It’s a marathon, not a┬ásprint {My way of encouraging myself}.

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  • Sarah

    I commend you for even REMEMBERING January! Life continues and your “to do” list never really ends so I say, keep up the good work girl! As long as you’re in continuous motion in a positive direction, time is never wasted.

    • Alicia

      Thanks sis. I’m totally not the clean or neat freak. I do like things clean and neat though. So I’m taking it one step at time. Thanks for commenting

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