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I. January 19, 2008 11pm-ish

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I’ll never forget my first visit to the World Mission Society Church of God. It was late at night. I’m thinking close to or around 11pm. I was at Tiffany Mullens house twisting her hair  when I got a phone call from Wendy Ardoin. She was very calm and peaceful on the other end of the line. She said “sis I need you to come to this church right now.”  So I went. Before I left Tiffany’s house I got some olive oil and anoited myself and prayed with Tiffany. I had no idea what to expect. The church was in Santee in the county of San Diego. I got there, and  rushed into the sanctuary right in the middle of a Baptism. To my surprise it was Wendy and her two boys.  While they are getting baptized there were a few women with veils on their heads singing songs. Immediately after, I go met up with her and she was glowing. She kept saying “sis you were right, you were right sis.” I was lost. I had no clue what she was talking about. She said ” about the veil sis, you were right and you stood your ground. That’s why I called you out of everybody because I knew you would understand.” { Backstory: Wendy, Tiffany, and I all attended the same church. I always covered my head during services, Bible studies, and prayer meetings in accordance with 1 Corinthians 11:1-5, which states that every woman who prays or prophecies with her head uncovered dishonors her head – it is just as though her head were shaved. Her head being her husband, and his head being Christ. I received a lot of backlash for this practice and I was told that I don’t need to do it. However, at that time I was convicted and I did it anyway}   The next thing I know we went into a room to finish the Baptism process, but I was escorted out. This really nice lady named Patty grabbed a Bible and ushered  me upstairs. We went into a room with a table two chairs and a white board. She opened the Bible and mentioned the head covering. I said “I know its in 1 Corinthians 11″ ( I had my head covered at the time with an afrocentric head wrap). Then she brought up the Sabbath day.  I arrogantly said “I know it’s on Saturday and hardly any Christians keep it. There are 7 feasts too that God’s people are supposed to keep and I have yet to find God’s people because no one is keeping them!”  Her eyes damn near popped out of her head. She was in total shock and awe. A big smile appeared and she invited me to come back the next day which was a Sunday. I told her I had a prior commitment in the morning (Church), but that I’ll consider it. 

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  • eddie cameo

    @Alicia .. the word “cult” is a misnomer, generally, all religions are cult but considering a deeper meaning in todays language, it does refer to the worship of deities, idols, persons, objects, places and things man-made or man appointed contrary to beliefs based from long time traditions with reference to universally accepted books of guidance believed inspired by the GOD of the Universe. WMSCOG may not be a cult, yet it can’t be a religion either because though they use a bible, they’re misinterpreting and give manipulated meanings which they used as basis for worshiping a dead man along with his concubine when he was still alive. More appropriate to call them fraud organization. This group in deeper analysis is an element of the ANTICHRIST, a fact that their christ is a FALSE CHRIST, a false prophet, and a false god. They are one of a new age movement misleading people from the right path of salvation but leading them to a way to HELL.

    • Alicia

      Agreed, the meaning of the word cult is also used to identify the worship of deities,idols, people, objects, places, and things man-made or man appointed contrary to the beliefs and traditions universally accepted as books of divine guidance from God. This is the way I’m using the word to label the WMSCOG. I label it this way because they claim to be A Christian Society founded by Christ Himself. They use the Bible along with videos, magazines, books, and song lyrics to plant fear, shame and guilt into your subconscious. We disagree about labeling them a religion. I understand your logic behind denying them this title. It makes good sense and I like your line of reasoning behind it. Being that I was a devoted member for 4.5 years, it is most definitely a religion. Built of falsehood? Yes, still a religion all the same. This organization is a FRAUD organization as well. Thank you for commenting. You are my very first commenter and I appreciate you. This website is my open journal about my experience in the WMSCOG, how I escaped, and how I’m recovering.

  • shanaya

    what ever happened to your friend? did you go back to the church?

    • Alicia

      My friend vowed never to go back to Sunday church again in life. I went back to the WMSCOG the very next day. You can read all about it in the next post. It’s in category cult-introduction. It’s the title that begins with Roman numeral II.

      Thanks so much for your comment and interest in my experience.

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