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IV. Home Sweet Home

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I drove straight to the Reseda church full of hope and great expectation. I remember meeting missionary Kelly and sister Lila upon my first visit. There were others, but these two made the biggest impression. Missionary Kelly studied with me that day. She was amazing. Strict, harsh, and to the point. She held nothing back. She transferred over from the New York church. She was bold, blunt, and Korean American. She took me under her wing and made sure to teach me the dos and don’ts of Reseda Zion. Lunch and dinner were served every day of the week in Zion, except third day; we had service instead of dinner on third day.

I spent every Sabbath day, Third day, and evening at the holy mt. Zion worshipping, studying, preaching, fellowshipping and eating. ┬áIt was awesome. I felt the love from my brothers and sister without a doubt. I loved sharing the fragrance of Zion with my spiritual family { equivalent to sharing your testimony in Sunday churches}. At the time we were divided into groups and the youth brothers and sisters shared their fragrance in the huge main sanctuary. I remember I was on fire boy. I’d get up there on the stage, I mean pulpit, and get everyone going by sharing motivational speeches about Father and Mother’s love and how we need to be fearless like children when testifying about this good news of salvation and Mother’s love. So many were encouraged and inspired to save souls when I was finished speaking. It was the greatest high I’ve ever felt {on second thought, I take that back}.

The children of Zion couldn’t believe I had only been baptized three months, and they most certainly were “spiritually jealous” { whatever the hell that meant} that I was going to visit Mother in Korea having only been a “spiritual infant.” Oh Well!!! I deserved it. I’d been seeking and searching for damn near five years for the truth of life and this was it. I’d already killed most of my bad habits before I was even introduced to the church. By way of prayer, fasting, discipline, patience and consideration for myself and others, I quit smoking, drinking, partying, entertaining men and women sexually, consuming caffeine, eating meat and other unclean animals according to the dietary laws in Leviticus 11, gossiping, meaningless conversation, wasting time, and even biting my nails { this made me the proudest. I’d been biting my nails since under 4 years old}.

By the time April rolled around I was ready, except my tax return hadn’t quite made it to me yet.


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