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III.By Faith!!!

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By faith I waited patiently as all hell broke loose all around me. I didn’t question why. I knew why. This was my initiation. Satan was furious. His minions worked hard to break me and get me to turn my back on the “Truth.”  All kinds of crazy things were happening all around me. All it did was lead me to believe I was on the right path. I was fought with so much resistence it had to be. Example:  On February 14, 2008, I got a parking ticket from an officer Pagan for parking in my regular parking spot. How funny, on a pagan holiday {Valentine’s Day} an officer by the last name Pagan gives me a parking ticket for no reason. This is just a small example of all the chaos that ensued following my Baptism.

The absolute worst was the phone call from my Nana Mary. She said she needed me to come home and help her out. Her breast cancer came back with a vengeance. She tried to offer me money. I laughed and said ” woman you don’t have to pay me to help you, are you crazy?” I immediately put in a 30 day notice to my landlord and my job. I sold most of my furniture on craigslist,  collected my last two pay checks and went on home to live with my Nana in Pacoima {a small city in the San Fernando Valley of the Los Angeles County}. How can I forget the panic that set in when my dad called me and told me I needed to decide if I was going to go to live with my Nana to help her out or to live with my dad in Vegas to take care of my sister while my mom stayed with her mom. My sister was in middle school and needed a care giver because my dad worked, and my mom wanted to go to Cali to take care of her mother {of course!}.

I thought that I would spiritually die if I moved to Vegas. Not because it’s sin city, because there was no city of refuge for God’s people. The WMSCOG hadn’t been established in Vegas at that time, and I needed the water of Life flowing from the Heavenly Jerusalem, our Heavenly Mother. Needless to say I stayed in California.

I left San Diego in March, and the first place I visited was the World Mission Society Church of God in Reseda.

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