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II. Special Case

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The heat was on. It was war. Wendy and I tried to get our friends from our old church to come have Bible study. If only they would sit down and see for themselves through the Bible they would realize the Truth of Life, leave Babylon, flee to Zion. Fortunately Wendy wasn’t black balled, she was welcomed back to pastor Wright’s church whenever he heart so desired. Therefore she called the members {that weren’t completely spooked} to set up Bible study. She successfully solicited one memeber and she came to the Church of God to study. We went over the Sabbath Day and confirmed through the scriptures that it is Saturday and not Sunday. She was moved to tears. She went home and shared this information with a deacon from the church {whom she had the hots for}, and the next thing you know she completely cut both Wendy and myself off.

Due to the nature of our introduction to the Church {the all out war} Wendy and I were on an accerlerated course. We learned studies, that would take others weeks to get to, right away. Not only that, but we were chosen to go on the Holy Pilgramige to the New Jerusalem in South Korea within 3 months of our baptism. This happened in order to protect us since we were such vibrant, and fruitful fruit {I will explain about fruit and fruitfulness later}.

Missionary Hector called me one day and shared the great news, that I was going to visit Mother in South Korea. I needed to get my passport and secure my ticket for $800. The rest was taken care of {food, lodging, transportation, etc}. That news couldn’t have come at a worse time. I was literally walking out of the bank desputing fradulent charges against me when he called me {a few weeks earlier I participated in a secret shopper assignment where I was given a $4000 check to deposit into my account, withdraw the full amout, wire  $2000 through Wertern Union and $1500 through Money Gram, spend ~$15 on a meal at Burger King, $50 at Walmart, fill out a questionaire about my experience at every place, fax over the receipts, and keep the rest of the money as my payment. It was a total fraud. The check cleared I took the money out and fulfiled my requirements. By the time I finished my assignment the bank claimed that the check was bad and held me responsible for paying the full $4000 back. I found out becasue my direct deposit from work went towards the negative $4000 balance on my account, so I was without money for bills and day to day life}. I wasn’t worried about it though because I knew that If I was chosen to see Mother, then Father and Mother will provide a way for me to get there. Silver Lining!!!

Boy did they ever provide the way. My ticket was financed by Pastor Brian per Mother’s request { so I was told}. I was to pay him back once my income tax money came in.




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