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It ain’t all about you boo!! Everything that happens to you isn’t necessarily about you. No need to take it personally. I’m talking to you, and I’m also speaking to me. This I need to remind myself  when people go popping off  with their actions and or mouth. I had a habit of taking things personally, then I realized it isn’t all about me. It’s important to pay attention and listen with your whole being to understand what’s really happening when folks say and do hurtful things. 8/10 times they are projecting.  It’s so easy to get caught up and catch whatever funk they’re feeling.  Try  to stay cool, breath, and exhale the attitude. Look at the bigger picture. Do your best to refrain from being rude. Even if they are rude and or mistreat you.

The flip side!!! People you interact with are a mirror reflecting yourself. The pet peeves and various degrees of irritation and annoying things that bother you about these people are the very things deep within you that your subconscious beckons for you to acknowledge and change. Before I blame, judge, or write off as insane, I thoroughly examine what it is in them that I possess, then I assess and decide to make a change. If I’m completely honest there isn’t one person, condition, or predicament that I haven’t created myself whether it be knowing or unknowingly. All is for my benefit to assist in my growing. In which case it is all about me. Therefore I take it personally, though from this perspective instead of blame or copping an attitude, I forgive and thank them for the eye opening experience.

All things work together for the good of those who love the Most High and are called for his purpose. { Romans 8:28}

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    This blog post was very useful to me. I’m sure others will discover it useful as well.

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      Sweet! I’m loving your feedback it is greatly appreciated.

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