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Febraury- Cultivating the Taylors

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After last month’s epic fail, I regrouped and grabbed February by the horns. I’m so glad that I love my man and desire to deepen our bond. This month’s theme is the perfect follow up to last month’s. Unlike cleaning, I love to please my man. Of course this month is not only about pleasing him, its also about cutting him some slack, showing him he is appreciated, fighting my need to be right, laughing instead of flashing on him {going off on him}, transmuting my negative thoughts into positive opportunities to love him, not expecting him to praise me for everything I do, leaving things unsaid, leaving him notes, texts, fb posts, etc., playing more, and getting straight to the point.


It’s been great. I haven’t been using my checklist {because I just printed them out the week before the end of the month}, but I know I have consciously put forth the effort to cultivate the Taylors. The cool thing is he knows that I’m working on this project and that this month is all about us, but he doesn’t know all the details. Sometimes he’ll say, ” hey babe, is this part of the happiness project?” I’ll say,”yes, it is!” He loves it. Makes me think of BLOW- Beyonce, “keep me comin’, keep me goin’. Keep me hummin’, keep me moanin’.”

Another great score is the fact that this month’s date night was a spa night. So I dressed up {down} with heels and all, cooked, and pampered him all night.You can read all about it in the Year of Dates section under February. I promise this wasn’t done purposely on my part, but the Most High is always pulling strings and things. PERFECT!

I asked Sean if he noticed a difference this month and he said yes. Felt great. Even better, a good friend of ours spent the night with us {get out of the gutter}, and he even noticed. He mentioned that I bit my tongue throughout the night {big deal because I usually have something to say about most things he says or does}. In other words, cutting him some slack, fighting right, choosing my battles, and things along that line. Awesome!!


Grade= A+

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