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VII. Ex Communicated

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He called me and said that I was cut off. HE said, ” You are no longer my daughter .You were confused when you first came to my church and you’re even more confused now. I’m going to prophesy over your life. You are going to go from church to church, fall into fornication, and end up in the crazy house!”  Yes he did!  with such passion and conviction. He believed it. He blamed me for Wendy’s baptism. He said I got into her head. Cold part about it, I never once talked to Wendy about the Sabbath , Passover or anything else for a whole year because I did not want to cause confusion or discord and out of respect for Pastor Wright. OUCH!!! Then he black balled me. This was my introduction to the Cult of Ahnsahnghong, properly known as the World Mission Society Church of God.

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  • Shaunece

    Wow! Ok so what type of church were you in (denomination) for him to act like that?! Also, was Wendy just a good friend of yours and a spiritual daughter to him? It seems like you all were extremely close!

    • Alicia

      It was an Apostolic Christian Church in San Diego called the New Ark of the Covenant. I met Wendy in the church. We grew extremely close. Wendy and I were on the praise team, we prayed at the altar, we held private prayer meetings, we led bible studies, we were on every planning committee, and were basically his right and left hand women. So he was crushed. He took it extremely personal. In addition, we just completed a church wide fast which pastor Wright called the shaking of the tree. All of the bad fruit would leave the church by the end. Up to this point several members left. When Wendy and I left that was a huge blow.
      He called all of us his spiritual children.

  • Gladness


    I started reading your blog after seeing your videos on youtube (they were recommended by a member of the website “”) and I would like to know more about your story. Is this where your blog ends? If there’s more, please let me know where I can find it. I am from South Africa and also left the World Mission Society in 2012. I have not been able to believe in anything since I left (because of the indoctrination and scars I was left with). I would like to know how you were able to get rid of that doctrine and go on with life without feeling guilty about going to church on a Sunday or not keeping the seven feasts anymore or not believing in Father and Mother anymore. I am still struggling with that and I haven’t been able to speak with anyone who truly understands what I’ve been through since I left. By the way, I heard rumors about Zahng gil jah being deathly ill. How true are these rumors? Also, if she dies then that would at least put me at ease and I will know for sure that it really is a mind-control cult and that I did the right thing by leaving. Thank you

    • Alicia

      Thank you so much for commenting. I truly appreciate you. I’m so half that you left. The first year was rough for me. Guilt, shame and fear plagued my being. I immediately started a journal which you can read about if you click on Divine Inspiration and click on the post titled REBIRTH: A Phoenix Rises from the Ashes. Listen to he podcast as well. I explain how I overcame. You can also click on Happiness Project it will give you the details of my action plan to jump start my life after I left the church. That plan gave me the focus necessary to break free from the detrimental brainwashing that took place while I was in the Society. You can also continue readif about my whole cult experience, picking up where you left off at by going to cult and clicking on cult-initiation all about my experience from baptism to my visit to South Korea. I need to finish writing about the full experience. I’ve been putting it off as to brings up so many uncomfortable emotions. The warm welcome and feedback from ex members is pushing me to finish. So I will soon.
      I hears about the rumors about Zhang too. I’m not sure if they are too. I don’t allow that Society to consume much of my energy besides sharing my experience for therapuetic purposes for both you and myself.
      I know the Most High is real always has been and always will be. My greatest mistake has been looking outside of myself for divinity. This whole time the Most High is in me. Look inside. Get quiet and listen.
      I love you and thank you again. Feel free to ask any more questions and comment on any posts.

  • Visit here

    Awesome website and better still content! Will be back soon.

    • Alicia

      YAY!!! I’m so glad you love it. How did you find the website?

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