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February 1, 2015

@7pm PST

Married 2 Change Radio


Divine Inspiration

Hosted by

Alicia Monet

Rebirth: The Art of Energy Manipulation

Were are ALL energetic beings living in a highly energetic universe. Energy is neither created or destroyed, only transferred. What does that even mean? Regardless if you are aware of it or not, you are in a constant state of energy transference. Sometimes this may leave you feeling on a natural high of sorts, while other times you may feel completely depleted. By becoming aware of the various ways in which we give and receive energy daily {e.g. The food we consume, the company we keep, the plants and minerals in our environment, the music we listen to, the thoughts we entertain, the words we speak, our behavior, etc.}, we can learn to best manipulate energy to best serve our Higher Purpose.

Have you ever been in a room full of people and one person walks in and the whole vibe {vibration} of the room shifts {for better or worse}? Have you ever been miles or even states or countries away from a person and feel them? Have you ever felt completely drained after a certain person leaves your space?We will explore the art of Energy Exchange and learn some cool tips on how to best control your energetic exchange with our guest Harmonious Light. If you’ve answered yes to any of these question call in and share your experience with us.


Tonight’s show was Bliss!! I felt the love and the beautifully refreshing energy.

Let me first begin by giving eternal thanks and praise to our Divine Father and MOther who are forever pouring abundance into me and all around me. Second I’d like to give thanks and praise to ALL of my Ancestors for paving the way and blessing me with these powerful genes. Next, I’d like to give thanks to my guides who continuously give me direction, rooting for my ascension.

Energy Worker Harmonious Light was our special guest and he shared his experiences with the transference of energy, and gave us tips on how to protect ourselves against psychic attack.

We had a faithful listener and second time caller Jay call in and ask a question and share his experience. That was totally cool.

I’m in such a beautiful place right now and I’m so eager to spread these loving vibrations with you all.

Soul Work

My Energetic Field is Clean

1) Buy Black Tourmaline
2) Imagine a light around you protecting you
3) Be aware of your energetic exchange
4)Focus on ONE person and send them positive energy (LOVE ) their way for the week. Check in with them at the end of the week.
5) Document it ALL. WRITE IT ALL DOWN.


February 28, 2015


Sistars, this is a time for us to indulge in good food, laughs, healing, and crafts. Join me at my house as we create beautiful Mosaic dishes made from recycled cd’s and dvd’s. There is a $10 fee that you can pay via PAYPAL. I’ll cook a delicious meal, and if you are moved to bring a snack to share please do so. Your fee will be used to purchase the supplies for the session. IF you want to join me feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll be sure to give you all the details.

 I got the idea from Pinterest of course.


Enjoy the Show

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