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Guided by the Divine, Trust, Balance, Protection, and Connection Catapult my Deepest Desires into Instantaneous Manifestation.

~Warrior Empress~

Dream Catcher

“Make a Dream Catcher.” A Dream Catcher? “YES. Make a Dream Catcher.” OK.  I’m going to make a Dream Catcher. I wonder why.


The center of the web allows all of your good dreams to pass threw, trickle down the ends, and manifest. The bad dreams get caught in the web and destroyed. How exciting? I took to Pinterest to get ideas and learn how to make one. The possibilities are endless. All the color combinations I knew it would be difficult for me decide a color and or theme. Little did I know that I’d have little to do with deciding any of that. “Black.” What? Black? “Yes, Everything Black with a hint of Turquoise.” Well alright, if you say so. I’ll just get a few white accents just in case. Oo, and I’ll get these pretty black beads too. “No beads. Go buy Crystals and Stones.” Ok, great Idea. I’ll get some nice Turquoise and Black ones that match. Little did I know that, again, I’d have little to do with the stones and crystals chosen to be incorporated in my Dream Catcher.

Native Spirit Lounge!! Amazing!! I told the clerk my intention and she showed me all the stones and crystals that are useful. Crystal Therapy has been on my list of things to do since the month of August. This project was exactly the push I needed to get me started. When I was choosing my tools, I had no idea what to do. Most High I have no idea how to choose. “Shhh… let you hand hover over them then pick the one you feel.” Ok, let me give it a shot. Uh, I don’t like this one, but I picked it up because I felt it. Let me get a different one.”NO! Keep it, its yours.” Sweet!! This is how I chose my stones. For my Dream Catcher I used Amethyst (purple),Tourmaline(black), and Crystal(clear). Amethyst aids in opening the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Intended use is to connect, align and become in tune with my Higher Self.  Black Tourmaline protects by deflecting and dispelling negative energies, emotions and psychic attacks. Intended use is purification, cleansing, protection, and healing. Crystal is an amplifier. It increases the power of the any other stone or crystal you use. So boom!!! There it is. In obedience to the Most High I followed instructions. 1932250_10102715722372424_7460842298561822539_n

Notice the star formation of the Amethyst. That was not done on purpose. That was all DIVINE. Not only that but the number of stones used. I looked up the numbers and their meaning, and I’m tingling in anticipation for all that is in store for me.

11 Amethyst in the web, and 1 hanging at the bottom. From my research, 11 is a master number because it has the same digit twice, which doubles that number in power. 1 is new beginnings and purity. Opportunities, creative ideas, compassion, power, joy, authority, knowledge, movement, flow, desire, leadership, patience, and silence correspond with the number 1. In Numerology eleven corresponds to vision, balance, invention, refinement, congruency, fulfillment, and higher ideals. 11 possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality. Those influenced by number 11 are blessed with a clarity of purpose, ethics, and an intelligent and focused mind that can accomplish much good in this world. Rapid materialization of your thoughts also corresponds to the number 11. 12 amethyst stones in total. 12 being the number of governmental perfection or rule.

8 Tourmaline stones in the center of the web. The number 8 signifies abundance and prosperity. Infinity loops signify infinite flow of money, time, ideas, or whatever else I require for my life purpose. Strength, endurance, leadership, authority, knowledge, drive, determination, will, confidence, power, humility, passion, courage, trust, and ability are associated with the number 8.


9 Clear Crystals hanging at the bottom. 9 is the number of the Lightworker. I’ve completed all of the prerequisites to achieve my life purpose, so stop procrastinating and get to it. The appearance of 9 in my life indicates wisdom, mentorship, change, understanding, teaching, movement, education, freedom, magic, evolution, release, mystery, opportunity, and insight are right before me.

All of this is so powerful and awe inspiring to me.

I forgot to put the store bought feathers on when I made it last night. I woke up this morning, went out back and a bird flies away leaving a single feather. “Here is the feather for your Dream Catcher.”  Just put it on there? should I clean it first or what? “Meditate with it.” Ok, how? “Hold the amethyst in your left hand and place the feather between you and your stick of Selenite.” Ok. So I did. Now what? “Add it to your Dream Catcher.” WOW!! when I finished my meditation and prayer I opened my eyes and a short piece of wire was right in my eyesight on the floor after I had already cleaned up everything. Perfect I used the wire to attach the feather.

I’m new to all of this. If you have insight on numbers, crystals, stones, feathers, dream catchers, or feel moved to drop knowledge please do. Leave a comment, share with someone you know, and or email me.

I’m open.

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      Ok. Teach me. I’m new to all of this and the terms you are using are foreign to me. Please do teach me how to grow.

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