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My boy’s latest obsession. I’ll say about the 3rd week of his 25th month of life cutting became “The Thing.” At first I just thought it was because he saw me cutting and, like most things, wanted to do what mommy was doing. So I brushed it off with, “These are big scissors, you need little scissors,” and that worked for 2 weeks. Then $hit got real. I knew it was serious when I picked him up early from school one day. As I entered the classroom Z was sitting nicely cutting paper. When he saw me he kept right on cutting. Usually he stops whatever he’s doing, runs to me, and gives me the biggest hug. So I sat next to him and watched. He was in the zone. Very serious and extremely focused. His classmates were talking to me, sharing books, touching me, and nothing. Z didn’t even flinch. I asked him if he was ready to go home and he said no. Again, a first. From that point whenever I ask him what he wants he says “to cut mommy.” I’ll ask” hey Z what do you want to eat baby?” “I want scissors mommy, to cut,” is his response. “Hey baby, do you want this or that?” “To cut mommy.” Yes, that serious. So I went out and
bought my baby some scissors, a pad of mini construction paper, and surprised him . As soon as he saw the scissors he cut the whole night until he fell asleep. When his dad came home Z yells “I’m cutting daddy, look!” My baby is so proud of himself and so am I. The next day I kept him home from school to spend the day with him. He woke up, grabbed his scissors and they remained in his hands damn near the whole day.
The next day was Saturday. Zion spent the whole day cutting, taking breaks, and cutting again. We were home the whole day {I was braiding hair } By the end of the night, he had confetti all over, under, on top of, and around his cutting area. It was so cool. At the end of the night when I was all finished with my client I saw his handy work. It was a treasured mess. I loved it; my heart melted. It allowed me to vision his process of practicing to cut all sizes of paper from teenie tiny to thirds. I love my boy

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