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         I feel so alive right now it’s amazing. I spent 2008-2012, in a destructive mind control group. People called it a cult, which by definition it is, along with many  other everyday organizations {Cult: a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.}. Boy was I ever wrong about that place. At the same time it was very necessary for my growth and development, especially for my mission in life. There are so many things running through my mind right now as I sit here typing about my experience in the Society {as I now refer to it}. Before my “Great Awakening,”  I called it the Truth. The World Mission Society Church of God is the name of the business, I mean church.  As the name implies, it is a world wide organization that is present in just about every country on the planet. That fact used to be a sure sign and confirmation for me that brought about great joy. Now, it is a indication of how easily we can be manipulated and brings about great indignation. Again though, a definite necessity for my journey. I’ve decided to share my experience from my introduction to the society to my departure.    So I’ve broken my experience down and have tagged each section, and numbered each title to make it easier to read about it in order. It is broken down like so:

Cult-Intro {This is how I was introduced to the WMSCOG}

Each title has a Roman Numeral in front of it. That numeral indicates the chronological order of events.

Cult-Initiation {My baptism, the craziness that followed, and my trip to the compound}

Again, the Roman numeral indicates the chronological order of events.

Cult-Dedication {My commitment, journey, goals, and position in the Society}

I’m pretty sure by now you know what the Roman numeral indicates, but for those of you who don’t, the chronological order of events.

Cult-Character {The effects on my character, personality, emotional, and mental state}

Roman numerals in front of the titles let you know the …. {fill in the blank}.

Cult-Departure {My realization that I was in a destructive mind control cult, how I left, and how I’m healing}

I’m not telling you what the Roman numerals are for.

It’s been challenging processing my experience. This Website is my therapy. Enjoy and comment. If you know a friend or loved one involved with this organization or any other and need some assistance or an ear please do email me. My email is at the top of the page.

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  • Unknown

    So I’m not sure how I got to ur site but I’m studying at the church of God so far everything seems legit from the bible how did u realized it was a cult though there are endless studies from the bible they preach to u studies that you feel only comes from the most high? fig tree, seal of god, tree of life etc I’ve visited many church’s none have bibles like this and I mean not even close

    • Alicia

      I too felt that way; like WMSCOG was the only church with the TRUTH. I preached with ALL my HEART, SOUL, & MIGHT for 4.5 years. I will go into detail late in a series of posts outlining why I left. In a nutshell:
      1) Ahnsanghong wasn’t the first man to preach the Passover of the New Covenant the way WMSCOG preaches.
      2) Ahnsahnghong was not poor. He lived in a big house with his wife and children. He owned multiple suits, not just the wool suit we were told he wears all year round.
      3) Zhang (Mother) is supposed to be the barren woman according to prophecy. When I first joined it was said that this prophecy fulfillment was both physical and spiritual. She has two children.
      4) In the bible God hates divorce and would prefer that once married you stay that way and only granted divorce in the case of adultery. Zhang got divorced from her husband.
      5) When I was baptized in 2008, they preached 2012, was the end. The stopped preaching that study shortly after my baptism.
      6) Father wrote that there is no mother and in that book he wrote in full detail how it cannot be true.
      These are the initial reasons I left. After leaving I found out that the WMSCOG is a big business. Some of the pastors have various aliases, own business, use our American social security numbers to open up business, set arranged marriages between Koreans and Americans for citizenship,and use surveillance technology to monitor members, and ex members. They also use technology to send fraudulent text messages and emails supposedly from ex members in order to make current members believe that the ex members are evil and speak blasphemy against Father and Mother.

      Aside from all of this, after becoming pregnant ( I was married for two years before we conceived) there was a huge shift in attitude towards me. Once I became a mother I had a fresh pair of eyes and noticed a lot of red flags. There are a host more reasons why. I will outline in detail here in the future that you can read all about.

      Thank you for commenting. I truly appreciate it. Please respond and let me know your thoughts.

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