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“Two days before my trip and still no Passport”

It’s the Thursday before my Sunday flight to South Korea and I still don’t have my passport. My income tax check hasn’t arrived in the mail yet so I am not financially able to purchase my passport. Am I worried? Goodness No! I’m 100% sure Father and Mother will work it out.

My Nana Mary comes home with an envelope, “the neighbors down the street had this for almost a week now,” she hands me the envelope. Low and behold, it’s my income tax check. Praise Father and Mother!!! I go to the bank and withdraw the max. The next day {Friday} I meet Wendy at the passport processing building on Wilshire right off the 405 freeway in the Los Angeles County. She drove up from San Diego to get her passport expedited and to pick me up. It took from early morning to the end of the business day, but we got our passports the same day. Talk about FAITH building.

My nana was not enthused about my pilgrimage to the “Holy Land” of South Korea. She cussed me out, told me I couldn’t go, and called my mom and demanded that she stop me from going. Of course her ardent attempts of dejection only fueled my passion to go. I knew that is was nothing but satan using my precious grandma to shake my faith. In turn my faith only grew stringent and stronger. I will go into more detail about my personal relationships with family and friends in the CULT-DEDICATION section.

Finally on my way. Passport, luggage, and Faith is all I need. I ride back to San Diego with Wendy. We keep the sabbath at the San Diego {Santee} Zion and leave for South Korea on Sunday.

Oh my Goodness!!! We are at the airport there are about 10 of us from the San Diego church. 2 of 10 are brand spanking new and the rest have been there at least 2 or more years. Wendy and I are on fire, all we want to do is preach. At this time we have only been baptized three months, and we are on. We don’t have all the preaching material and the only subjects we’ve practiced are sabbath and Passover. We have never been door to door preaching or dealt with any real rejection other than our beloved friends/ family members from The New Ark of The Covenant Church that so quickly turned on me {they only nicely asked her not to preach to them}. In our minds there’s no way you can reject this absolute, life saving, truth. This IS the GOOD NEWS, the GOSPEL that so called Christians claim they have, and everybody else so desperately needs.

Our flight is delayed. It must be a sign we need to preach. A lost brother or sister must be here somewhere waiting to receive the WATER OF LIFE flowing from our HEAVENLY JERUSALEM MOTHER. Wendy and I borrow an evidence book from one of our older siblings and have at it. We don’t have the verbiage to rebuttal, though we definitely have heart, love, and compassion. If you aren’t moved by our sincere and passionate plea to save your life, ┬áthen you must be dead because we are tear jerkers, straight up!

By the time we are boarded and take off to San Francisco so we can make the connecting flight to the “Mother Land,” it’s too late. We arrive at the SF airport to find out we missed our flight. They offered to split us up and send us little by little, to put us in a complimentary room for the night and try again tomorrow, or put us on a plane back to Los Angeles and try to catch a connection there. Back to Los Angeles it is. You sure can learn a lot about people when things aren’t going their way and your are stuck with them for an extended period of time. This whole experience is eye opening to me. It’s all a spiritual exercise teaching us about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. And I’m soaking it all up. On the bright side {there is ALWAYS a bright side} we got free food and hygiene kits!!!

We arrive in L.A. to exhausted pastor Brian who just booked it from San Diego to L.A. {2 hour drive} to ensure that we make it on that connection flight to South Korea before the night ends. His love and concern for us, driving all the way up here like this really moves me. I’ve never known a pastor who genuinely cares this much {without ulterior motives that is}. We finally make it to our terminal, take a seat, and wait to be boarded. It hits me, I’m going to meet God in the flesh. Oh my gosh. I talked to God regularly. I remember my emotional tirade about the Most Holy coming down in the flesh as a female. Little did I know she was already here on earth waiting to embrace me. Tears flow from my eyes like a running faucet. Awe fills my being. I’m euphoric. It’s time to board the plane. I find my seat and sleep {after I try Bin Bin Bop with Octopus for the first and last time}.

We land and our beautiful Korean brothers and sisters are waiting for us with open arms. They come baring gifts too; candy leis and handmade candy flower banquets given to each of us.

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