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I was extemely blessed to have my baby when I did. Throughout my pregnancy and the early months of his life I was depressed. It had nothing to do with post partum. It was due to self inflicted stress and pressure I had thinking about Father’s coming and how I wasn’t doing enough for the Gospel. I was a mommy now. I couldn’t hop in my car and go on preaching missions all day, or go to church and cook and clean. I couldn’t teach the children anymore, or volunteer for events like I used to. First of all I just had a c-section on top of transitioning to motherhood. I exclusively breastfeed from my breast. Zion took a couple of expressed bottles, but all the work that went into pumping was far too much for me. I’d rather whip it out and feed the boy. I’m so thankful because one of the many benefits of breastfeeding is the release of oxytocin, the feel good, love hormone. So, oxytocin was constantly released and flowing throughout my body. Thank the Most High. I seriously could not imagine what my life would have been like at that time had it not been for breastfeeding. It’s amazing how the Most High works. By naturally nourishing my infant the way nature intended it, I overcame depression. It wasn’t easy at all. I just remember the actual act of breastfeeding that first year was so magical. I’d look him in his eyes and feel the love. I made a conscious effort to work through all the guilt, shame, and pressure so that it did not affect my milk. Breastfeeding most certainly restored my sanity, calmed my mind, and saved my life.

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