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Alicia Monet Taylor’s the name. I usually go by Alicia Monet. It’s easier and I love the way it rolls off my tongue. I have a tendency to give a whole back story before I get to the point for most things. I’m totally working on that. In my mind there’s a prerequisite in order to understand the point. Whether that’s really true or not I won’t know until I get straight to the point and you ask for more info in order to understand, or not. I know right! Anywho, I’m the mother of a cautious, entertaining, brilliant two year old boy named Zion Zamar Taylor. If you sound out his initials it sounds like an electric current, which pretty much describes his personality. I’m also the wife of a highly creative, resourceful, and driven family man by the name of Sean Anthony Taylor, who never ceases to amaze me.

As you can gather by my first few sentences, my family is my #1 priority. I’m supposed to be introducing myself and the only thing you know is I’m a mother and wife. Ok! Words to describe me: passionate, loving, compassionate, creative, electric, curious, adventurous, funny, fun, solitary, deep,  fluid, controlling, stubborn, manipulative, entertaining, scatterbrained, messy, perfectionist, long winded, childlike, naive, forgiving. There are plenty more where that came from. These’ll do for now.

        My hobbies include but are not limited to: dancing, journaling, writing, singing, performing, scrapbooking, arts and crafting, eating, cooking, doing hair, exploring, discovering new things (for me), going on adventures, trying new things, spending time with friends and loved ones. I love sharing things that I love, that work for me, that don’t work for me, and that peek my interest with others. My goal is to make my life easier and more fulfilling while showing others how to do the same.
           After quieting my thoughts, Love, Peace, Healing, and Restoration rang loud from within. These are the gifts I’ve been given to share with the world. Discipline, consistency, and focus are my personal development goals as of now.
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