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Alicia Monet, Sagittarius !

Not really,

You can read all about me in the post titled Alicia Monet.

Welcome to Life Lucid, my online journal for therapeutic purposes. In 2008, I was introduced and baptized into God’s true church. In 2012, I departed the destructive mind control group. The devastation and heart break I liken to being spiritually raped anally. You can read all about my cult experience from my introduction to my departure right here on this site. In an attempt to heal I began my very own Happiness Project inspired by Gretchen Rueben. In order to rekindle the fire between my husband and I, that was put out while at the church, I planned a whole Year of Dates for the two of us. Again both of these you can read all about on this site. Finally there is Mommydom {my mommy kingdom}, and Life Lucid {everything else}. Please read, comment, ask questions, and enjoy. If you’d like to contact me please utilize the email address provided at the top of the page.

This is my healing process and hopefully you’ll be inspired to heal too!!!


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  • Manzanita

    Okay so what was that church like and did it turn you away from Jesus all together? I’m curious because I’ve never heard of that church before and it saddens me just to hear how some choose to distort God’s word to bind His people. Also I’m excited to read more of what you have to share.

    • Alicia

      The church was awesome! Everyone was so welcoming and loving. Everyone used their talents to help build the church and assist in its growth. It was opened 7 days a week from 9am-10pm. Lunch and dinner was served daily. We preached together, studied together, and helped each other. There was literally every nationality you can imagine all getting along and loving one another. The preacher had a mini van so we could go preaching. It was the best church I’ve ever been to.
      One reason I loved the church was because we prayed and preached in the new name of Christ according to Revelation 3:11-12. I never liked to use the name Jesus. There was no J in the alphabet during his first coming 2000 years ago. So, I read that scripture and told the Most High I’ll pray in his new name whenever it’s revealed to me years before I joined this church.
      I’m excited that you’re excited. So far I have all of my introduction and a few pieces of my initiation. I will continue to add more weekly. Thank you for the comment. Please do continue to comment on posts. Ask questions and I’ll be sure to answer.

  • ninya holbrooj

    First of all your life molestation rape spiritual devastation mirrors my own . applause and honor given to you for your courage. I would also like more info on the yoni eggs and vag tampons.. Thanx! Im on fb look me up

    • Alicia

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my page. Thank you for the applause and honor. What is your Facebook name? IF you have any questions about any details of my story please feel free to ask. I have purposely stuck straight to the point with as few details as possible in order to challenge myself. SO please, I’d love to give more details only if asked though. I’m working on a purchase page so you can purchase the Pearls from here. For the month of April you can purchase Yoni Eggs via and use the code BLOOM in order to get HALF off. SO most eggs are only $20 at the moment. That sale is going on until the end of April so jump on that.

      I appreciate you commenting. Enjoy the site.

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